10 Easy Ways To Create A Positive Space

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Jan 20

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In this article, we will discuss 10 Easy Ways To Create A Positive Space. This can be done at home or at work.

Creating a positive space is essential to keep the happy vibes going, and will help you enter into a space where negativity is gone.

1. Create A Positive Space By Cleaning clutter

Allow me to put on my Captain Obvious Hat on for just a moment.

Step one, is getting rid of all that clutter.

No one has to lecture you about the need for a clean clutter-free space. But, did you know that clutter actually does cause stress? According to Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy. D over at Psychology Today, clutter “leaves us feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed.”

Um, No thanks.

But, don’t be tricked into thinking that decluttering means going through everything, and being crazy organized.

Nope! All it really means is straightening up the area.

I’m kinda obsessed with Clutterbug – and um… yeah, this is a professional organizer, and she’s SO MUCH FUN.

She actually kinda makes me want to go clean and organize stuff!

Ok, now that’s taken care of… seriously, clutter equals negative. No clutter equals positive. Got it?


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2. Create A Positive Space Color of the room

It can be hard to have a positive space with color if you aren’t allowed to paint the walls. I get it. But, you can use pops of color with furniture, curtains, and pictures.

That being said, if you can paint your walls, or you use color, the best way to create a positive space is through color.

Colors are known to give different vibes, and each color preference will be different for each person.

Known positive colors are more geared toward warmer tones, calming colors are cool toned, and black, white and silver is more geared toward sophistication.

According to Freshome green is probably the most refreshing color to the eye.

3. Create A Positive Space Things That Make You Happy

This is one of those ridiculously simple ideas. One of the ways of creating a positive space is to make it uniquely… well… you.

This is something that I can’t help with because everybody has a different style. Some people like pom garland, some like owls, some like inspirational messages.

These things are great! But it is highly individual.

The trick here is to know what makes you happy and surround yourself with it.

4. Create A Positive Space Himalayan salt rocks

Add a Himalayan Salt Rock and enjoy all the positive things. It has a nice soothing glow, and it is really a nice thing.

But, according to Natural Living Ideas, it is known to clean the air, increase energy levels, helps you sleep better, and improve mood and concentration.

Additionally, it can also help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and cancel out negative ions from electronics according to Mindbodygreen.com. They also advise a real Himalayan salt will produce real results.

But, alas, it could also be a bunch of pseudoscience. Snopes.com has yet to find strong scientific evidence that the salts can help anything.

Now, regardless of if it is helpful or not with all the health benefits. The good news is that it still helps with the next tip!

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5. Create A Positive Space By Utilizing Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting solves all the things. According to the Journal of Consumer Psychology the brighter a light is the more intense people feel with their emotions. The Huffington Post states that turning down the lights can help make decisions more rationally.

Some great ambient lighting suggestions are fairy lights. You can put them in clear jars, or put it in a fruit bowl. Another idea is to put them on the wall, or use them on a bookshelf. One of my favorite ways is to put them in a clean wine glass. Let your imagination soar with these!

If fairy lights aren’t your thing, you can always use flameless candles. These are great and soothing. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the fire danger. Bonus.

Or, if you just love candles, use them!

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6. Create A Positive Space By Using Essential oils

When it comes to naturally boosting a mood, it is almost mandatory to mention the use of Essential Oils. Some people get really into them. I know that I personally enjoy them. They have helped me tremendously with sleeping (I’m an insomniac) and concentration.

Just a heads up though – before you use them, make sure that they are 100% pure grade or there could be devastating effects for yourself, family members and furbabies.

I really like Rocky Mountain Oils, they are a lot cheaper but they are also pure grade.

If you want to be positive diffuse the citrus oils because they naturally boost the mood. How can you possibly inhale the scent of an orange and not smile? It’s almost impossible!

Please, for the love of God, do not spend an arm and a leg on a diffuser. I use this one from Amazon. It works fantastic. Honestly, spend your money on good quality essential oils, not on a diffuser.

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7. Create A Positive Space By Bringing In Succulents

Make sure to bring in a little bit of nature into your space. This helps give off a good vibe because it actually really does help clear the air, and makes you happy. Besides, every body loves flowers!

My favorite things in the world are succulents. The reason is because, not only are they super cute, some can come in bright colors. I had a cactus that was bright pink and orange. You can find them at the local Home Depot or try these from Amazon.

The best part of succulents? They are so forgiving, and don’t require watering every day.

8. Create A Positive Space By Bringing In Waterfall Fountains

Speaking of bringing nature into your positive space, consider bringing in an indoor waterfall fountain. These don’t have to be big things, just little ones.

The sound of the water can be soothing for many, and sometimes it is fun to watch the water while your mind wanders.


9. Create A Positive Space Using White Noise Machines

There is no shame in not wanting to bring the waterfall because you don’t want to deal with cleaning any accidental water that was spilled over. Trust me, I get it. I really do.

A White Noise Machine is pretty fantastic because it helps replicate the sounds of nature, and it’s helpful to keep the mind calm. It is a beautiful sound to hear a river, a rainstorm, or the wind.

It’s calming but at the same time invigorating.

10. Create A Positive Space Using Healing Crystals

This can get a little on the woo woo side. I’m not the most new age-y person, but my thing is – whether they help or not – they are still pretty.

Live Science explains that the idea is to help get rid of negative energy due to vibrations, and replace it with positive energy. Please note, there is no scientific study that backs this up, and it can have a big placebo effect. Let me tell you this though, no healing crystal is going to cure any disease. But, my thought is this: If it works as a placebo effect, it’s still helpful because it makes you feel happy. If it doesn’t they are still pretty.

Rose Quartz is great for the good vibes. The easiest thing to do is to put it in a clear glass, or some other form of decoration.

The Spruce has given great tips on how to use them when it comes to Feng Shui.


Creating a positive space can be a lot of fun, especially for artistic people, who enjoy decorating. The best part is that not only can you have fun creating a happy place, but you get to enjoy it as well.

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Really like this post! Soo many good ideas, I love haveing a positive space to live in and share with others. ?

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