10 Powerful Ways To Handle Bad Things

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Feb 25
When the proverbial fecal matter hits the fan it can be difficult to gain a semblance of calm and to know what steps to do next. Sometimes, it is just easier to have a semi easy game plan to follow so that you can handle bad things like a boss. Here are 10 Powerful, but Simple Ways To Handle Bad Things

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In this blog post we are going to discuss 10 Powerful Ways To Handle Bad Things. These bad things are the kind of things that when the proverbial feces hits the fan, what do you do?

These are things like when a tree falls on your house, you lose your job, and things that really have a huge impact on your life. This is something that you must be able to do in order to move past these bad things in order to survive, and make it through it.

1. Handle Bad Things By Putting First Things First

I get that this is a little on the obvious side, but you wouldn’t believe how often people don’t do this.

If your house is on fire, don’t panic. Try to put it out, or call the fire department, or get your butt out of there. Yes, I realize and recognize this is a little common sense 101, but many people freak out when something bad happens.

They are too busy screaming, panicking, crying, whatever (and trust me, I get it, when I was younger, I was doing the same thing) to focus on what needs to be handled first. This is not the time for emotions, it’s the time for action and to get things that must be taken care of – well taken care of.

Take care of the immediate emergency at hand. Call 911, help out, but do it safely.

Or, if it’s a tree in your house, put a tarp over the roof until you can move on, or if there’s another situation handle it. If your kid is hurt, take him or her to the hospital.

Just remember that this is not the time to panic, but the time to grab the bull by the horns, and take care of the immediate situation.

2. Handle Bad Things Take Five and Clear Your Head

Now that you got the immediate things handled, take five minutes and clear your mind. Everyone does this a different way. Some go for a walk, some sit down and take a deep breath, whatever your process is, take that time and clear your mind.

Don’t sit there and wonder what you’re going to do next. Let this be a time to process whatever happened. This is the time you can cry, scream, freak out, and whatever else.
Get it all out at this moment, because this is when you can, and it’s just so much easier.

You can use an essential oil for clarity or something that will help clear your mind and calm you down a bit.

I personally always keep a rollerball on hand to have something to clear my mind when I’m about to freak out. The one I have is the Rocky Mountain Rollerball in Clear Head. It helps me to focus on things that need my attention, rather than my emotions. When it gets really bad, I just apply it right under my nose.

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3. Handle Bad Things By Knowing What/Who You’re Fighting For

Once you’ve had your moment to get all your emotions out, you need to take a moment to realize what you’re fighting for. This can be a little hard to figure sometimes, especially if you’re single or have no kids.

It can be really hard to focus on something if you’ve lost everything or feel like you’re fiscally wiped out, or your life is in ruin.

But, the good news is, you have to focus on your priorities. What are you fighting for, ultimately?

  • Is it for a better future for your kids?
  • The property that you have worked so hard for?
  • Your husband/wife?
  • Your Family?
  • God?
  • The principle of the matter?

Once you know what you are fighting for you can then take that moment and prepare yourself for the next few steps. The purpose of knowing what/who you are fighting for isn’t to give you a holier than thou vibe. Quite the contrary. It’s to give you a reason to step up.

When the proverbial fecal matter hits the fan it can be difficult to gain a semblance of calm and to know what steps to do next. Sometimes, it is just easier to have a semi easy game plan to follow so that you can handle bad things like a boss. Here are 10 Powerful, but Simple Ways To Handle Bad Things

4. Handle Bad Things By Putting On Those Boots

Let me tell you, when a disaster hits, the worst thing you can do is to keep sitting around and wondering what to do next. The secret to success is to keep moving, and I promise you’ll be fine.

So suit up, get those boostraps on, and prepare yourself. The stuff that hit the fan, is only the beginning of a long journey – but you can handle it.

This also helps with the gut reaction to just freak out, and will give you the opportunity to focus on ways to turn the negative into something positive.

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5. Handle Bad Things By Getting Facts

Do Not Act Until You have all the facts immediately surrounding the situation. Yes, it seems simple to say: There was a tree, if fell on my house, what’s there to know? Or, there was a fire, my house is gone, what else is there?

Well, before we freak out, let’s step through this bit by bit. You’ve got to have all the facts about how to deal with what just happened before you move forward.

Do you need to file an insurance claim? A police report? Is there aide available? What do you have to do to fix the situation?

Get everything fact based that you need. These are things like what you need to do, and what you need to have in order to move forward.

6. Handle Bad Things By Prioritizing

Hooray! You have all the things that you need to do, and you have all the facts in front of you that you need to handle these situations. Now is the time to figure out what you need to do first.

Make a pile – one to do immediately, one to do in the next day or so, and one to do in the next week. These piles will help you focus on what’s important to do right now.

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7. Handle Bad Things By Getting More Information

I know I seem to constantly request that you gather all the information. I promise, there is a good reason for this. With each of the piles, it will inevitable that you’re going to find yourself in some kind of bureaucratic red tape.

If you run into that – don’t get mad (even if you want to scream at the person and say: “I just told you that – why aren’t you listening to me?”)
Trust me, it’s very easy to lose your cool when you’re dealing with the red tape – but, don’t. Instead, get as much information as you can about what you need to get through it.

Bonus, you might even find ways to save yourself money, an easier way to do this, resources to help you out, and so forth.

8. Handle Bad Things By Keeping Your Emotions In Check

This is the hardest one by far. It can be so easy to just lose it, and get anxious about it, and get frustrated and mad. Don’t. Please, just don’t.

The people at the receiving end of the line have been yelled at before, and chances are they might not tell you about programs that can be beneficial to you.

It’s ok to be persistent, and it’s ok to set up your boundaries, but don’t yell at them or cuss at them.

What I have found, is that when I’m nice and polite and tell them things straight forward, chances are they usually give me discounts, are helpful and will bend over backwards for you.

Case in point: I had a situation with my television provider a few years ago where it wasn’t getting proper signals.

On one phone call I was mean and my tone was very aggressive. They tried to get me off the phone fast, but it wasn’t with the results I needed. The next day I called, and was very nice, and found out that the person I talked to – the only thing he had been trained for was to send reset signals to my box.

The poor guy got yelled at, and I’m sure he wanted to help me, but he didn’t have the proper training to help me. But, had I been nice to him, he probably would’ve sent me to the person who could help me.

Try to be nice all the way around during a bad situation. I promise, it will take you a lot farther.

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9. Handle Bad Things By Leaning On Others

You do not have to face all of this alone. You can totally lean on others. They are the ones you can have your emotional breakdown with, and they will totally get it. These people include your family members, your preacher or other religious person, a close friend, or even a counselor.

This is one of those things where they get what your facing, and they will help you with emotional support. And, sometimes, the pain gets so rough they can’t seem to help. I get that. I for one depend on God, but if you depend on Allah or Science or Whatever – that’s totally cool too.

You can totally lean on others!

10. Handle Bad Things By Being Positive

You will get through this, I promise. Being positive is something that will be really hard through this. However, you can totally face it, because it will help encourage you to have faith and hope to see it through. Remember, this too will pass, even if it does take a while.

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When the bad things hit, it can be a painful and sometimes our emotions can tend to get in the way. I know mine sure do! However, with this very fluid game plan, maybe it will help you in the future to get through it a little bit easier.

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