10 Ways To Make Drinking Water Fun

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Jan 22
10 Ways to make drinking water fun? It's possible. Use essential oils, fruit, a Brita Water Filter, garden herbs, novelty ice, elegant glasses and more. Bonus points: Drinking water can totally boost your mood and make you more positive.

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In This Post You Will Learn 10 Ways To Make Drinking Water Fun

I have a confession to make. Water is not my favorite drink of all time. It is rather… well… is there a nice way to say boring?

But, alas, it doesn’t really matter that it is about as exciting as watching paint dry, because we all know we need to drink water. I’ll spare you any lectures.

However, there is one good thing about water. Did you know that it can actually boost your mood? The Huffington Post’s Dr. Ayala Laufer-Cahana suggest that “the greater the water consumption, the better the mood.”


But, knowing this, we still got to make water somewhat entertaining so that we can enjoy it without being bored.

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1. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using A Filter System

First and foremost, before you drink any water, the first thing that we must all do is run the water through a filter. That way it can “supposedly” get rid of all of the gross things like chlorine, mercury and copper. At least, that’s what the Brita people say.

I will tell you that I have the Brita Pitcher with a bright green lid. That makes me happy. My next one will hopefully be a bright orange or the bright pink.

You’re supposed to drink two glasses of water right after you wake up in the morning. Because of the bright happy colors, it will boost your mood when you drink the water in the morning.

The biggest drawback with the Brita System is that you have to pay for the filters.

10 Ways to make drinking water fun? It's possible. Use essential oils, fruit, a Brita Water Filter, garden herbs, novelty ice, elegant glasses and more. Bonus points: Drinking water can totally boost your mood and make you more positive.


2. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using A Different Glass

Water in a wine glass is so pretty and elegant. It makes you feel special to drink water from something that screams chic. There are many different wine glasses to drink from, but a white wine glass seems a little more appropriate.

However, drinking water from novelty glasses can also be super fun. My personal favorites are these glow in the dark beer cups. They come in all different kinds of colors. Seriously, these things glow and it’s fun.

3. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using Fun Ice cubes

Everyone has his or her own preference of ice. Some people like it big and chunky, others like it small and crunchy. But, we can all agree on one thing. Most ice cube squares are super duper boring.

One of my favorite ways to liven them up is to put fruit or an herb in the ice cube square. It’s visually pleasing, and it helps give the ice cube a punch of flavor.

Another way is the most fun way humanly possible. Like little ice sculptures in the water. These are ice cubes shaped like things. My personal favorite is the ice cubes in the shape of a polar bear and penguin. You can get them in all kinds of shapes, like skulls, unicorns, cats and even Star Wars lovers!

If this is your thing, there is one for everyone out there. While I was scanning amazon, I even saw hearts, a Buddha and stars! Ummm, yes please!

4. Make Drinking Water Fun Using Lime Essential Oil

I confess that I am sorta kinda obsessed with adding essential oils to my water. This is due to my personal obsession with all things lime.

Just make sure the lime oil you used is naturally sourced, and they are 100 percent pure grade. I’ve been drinking it with their lime essential oil for the past three months and I have yet to mutate into anything strange.

The bonus thing with adding the essential oil in the drink is that you don’t get the acid you would get if you added an actual lime in there which can cause some acid reflux.

But, you may or may not like lime. If you’re not a fan of lime you can add all sorts of things like orange, tangerine, thieves, lemon and so many more things.

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5. Make Drinking Water Fun By Adding Fruit

I mean, sometimes you don’t want to add essential oils. You want to add fruit. Everybody loves fruit. Right?

The best part is you can add all sorts of fruit to the water. Sometimes you just want to plop a few pineapple cuts with orange slices.

And, on a hot day, let me tell you nothing is better.

Also, it is really super chic to add some fresh frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or grapes to the water in lieu of ice.

And, it’s really yummy when you bite down into the fruit. Edible, nutritious and pretty!

6. Make Drinking Water By Adding Fun Herbs

You can also add herbs to the water. These are really neat because not only do they look great, but let’s be honest they are just pretty, okay?

My personal addiction is Rosemary. I have a rosemary bush in my back yard, and truth be told, adding a sprig of rosemary is amazing. You get the delicious herbal scent, a pretty and simple thing to look at, and fresh clean water.

Yes please.

Or, another favorite of mine is to add mint to it. Usually, I am not a big mint fan, but I do love it fresh from the garden.

Going back to my slight lime addiction – add lime to your cold water and sprig of mint, and you have a nice tasting non-alcoholic mojito.

It’s delicious and refreshing on a freaking hot summer day.

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Forget about forcing yourself to drink boring water. You can make drinking water fun by using these ten strategies. These strategies help you live a positive life because drinking water is a fantastic form of self care. Win!

7. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using Fruit Diffusers

Sometimes you want your water to taste like something and you want a bunch of it. You also don’t want to get up, again, to cut a piece of fruit or drop in another sprig of an herb.

It’s even more annoying because then you know you’re going to have wait another few minutes before you can even remotely enjoy the deliciousness.

Don’t worry. Go to the local Target, or Walmart or just buy it here, and get a fruit diffuser. You make your concoction, leave it for a few hours or over night, and you have a whole days worth of super yummy fruit or herb flavored water.

The best part? You don’t have to keep remaking every time you want seconds. Hooray!

And, it may even turn the water a different color, naturally, to blend with the juice.

8. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using Straws

Straws solve all the things! They are fun, and most of all, make drinking water a blast. But, not the plain ones you get at McDonalds or a drive through. Honey, those come a dime a dozen.

The straws I’m talking about are brightly colored, like these reusable tumbler straws. Or, if you’re just a little obsessed with reliving your childhood (and who isn’t?) Get one of the silly crazy loop straws.

Nothing is better than blowing bubbles in your drink. You know it’s fun. And, if you’re one of those who doesn’t want to be caught having fun, go in a room, where you’re all alone, and blow bubbles in your water till your hearts content.

I promise, if you’re not happier by doing that… I just don’t know how to boost your mood!

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9. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using Cocktail Picks

These fun sticks make me so happy. I love the Parasol Cocktail Picks. It always makes me feel like I’m on some tropical island, away from life’s stresses.

Use these cocktail picks to also get the fruit at the bottom of the water glass, or just use them because they make you happy.

I’m kinda obsessed with these Flamingo ones. They make me so happy!

But, if you’re not loving the flamingos, they have plain cocktail picks as well. The best part is that cocktail picks are super cheap and really easy to bring some color and fun into the water.

10. Make Drinking Water Fun By Using Edible Flowers

Get your Rest and Relaxation going on my friends. Flowers are so nice, but edible flowers are gorgeous.

You can put pansies in your water for a touch of chic elegance. Maybe you want to add rose petals or let a daisy float on the water glass.

Edible flowers just bring such joy to the drink, and it’s very natural. It’s like drinking a piece of the outdoors.

But, before you run out and get too happy pulling all your flowers out for this, some aren’t so edible, and can be rather dangerous.

So make sure you check out this book by Miche Bacher called “Cooking with Flowers: Sweet and Savory Recipes with Rose Petals, Lilacs, Lavender, And Other Edible Flowers” or a gardener or your health care professional before you try this, okay?


We need to constantly be hydrating ourselves. Not only does it help us clean our system out, it really does make us feel better.

Additionally, it improves our mood and helps us be healthier. Being healthy is huge, especially because it helps you be happy.

What do you do to make drinking water fun?

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