10 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

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Feb 25
How to Be Kind To Yourself is one of the best ways to embrace positivity. Embracing positivity includes pampering yourself ideas, how to be compassionate to yourself, How to be kind to yourself, self kindness meditation. And it helps you be kind to others.

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Being kind to yourself can be very difficult. Especially when it seems like it’s a constant uphill battle between time, and sometimes you just don’t know yourself well enough to realize that you’re pretty freaking awesome.

In this blog post you will find 10 ways to be kind to yourself.

1. Be Kind To Yourself By Drinking Water

You’ve heard me talk about it before, but water really is one of the best ways you can be kind to yourself. I get it, water tastes like… well… nothing.

However, there are ways to make drinking water fun, where it’s not super lame. And, to be honest, the benefits of drinking water out weigh the means.

I will spare you the lectures, you have read the magazines, heard the Doctor’s reports etc. you know it helps you feel good, is helpful to make your skin glow, and blah blah blah… but there is one thing that I can tell you helps you drink the water.

It’s free.

Anywhere you go in the United States – 99.9 percent of the time if you ask for a glass of water, it’s free. And when you look at the cost of getting a soda drink or a coffee these days…

If you want to make sure the water is filtered, I understand. But, that will cost you some money if you get a bottled water.

At the end of the day, water has so many benefits, it’s one of those things where you just got to take water and deal with it.

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2. Be Kind To Yourself By Have Fruit

Fruit is a wonderful thing, because it’s sweet, and you can do so much with it. You can have fruit parfaits, fruit salad, fruit skewers, and so much more to make lovely food.

The thing about fruit is that it’s so pretty and elegant on it’s own, it’s simple to grab and just eat out of it’s own little packaging, and it’s full of vitamins to give you good vibes.

Seriously, it’s not only healthy, but it taste good too.

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3. Be Kind To Yourself By Take A Moment To Say Something Nice About Yourself

Look, it’s not vain to stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself all the good qualities you have. You know what? It’s actually empowering. Sometimes, it can be hard to look in the mirror and see your flaws glaring at you, but try to turn them into something positive.

Maybe your nose is a little too big, who cares? Tell yourself that you have a beautiful nose. You aren’t lying to yourself, because quite frankly, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Remember that if you loved yourself the same way you love your kids, you would be a lot kinder (I hope) to yourself. The amount of love you put to yourself and speak to yourself to try to help embrace your flaws is pivotal.

In stead of calling them flaws though, lets call them something that makes you specifically unique. Like the beauty mark on Cindy Crawford’s face, you know she hated that growing up, but that’s what has made her so special.

4. Be Kind To Yourself By Doing Something You Love To Do

One of the ways you can be the kindest to yourself is to do something that you genuinely love doing. This can be anything, but it has to be something that YOU like to do. Not your mom, your best friend, significant other, or anything else. Just you.

You can draw, journal, walk, crochet or garden. You can do anything that you love to do and embrace it. Consider it a gift to yourself, to spend time with yourself in something that you truly love to do.

It gets your creative juices going and it also helps you get better at something you love.

How to Be Kind To Yourself is one of the best ways to embrace positivity. Embracing positivity includes pampering yourself ideas, how to be compassionate to yourself, How to be kind to yourself, self kindness meditation. And it helps you be kind to others.

5. Be Kind To Yourself By Giving Yourself A Foot Rub

This is by far the single most wonderful thing in the world. You can do it in so many ways. One of my favorites is just pulling my leg close to me on the bed, using an essential oil, and using my thumbs to message my foot.

The essential oil you use is whatever you feel like doing. Sometimes I just go straight for Lavender, other times I use Rosewood (to help me meditate), and then there are others I want to have some energy.

And, then there are those times where I really want to just have my foot feel messaged. I will sometimes use an old fashioned footbath – using warm water and bath salts.

Or, sometimes I will just use a tennis ball and rub my feet along the arches of the tennis ball. It’s wonderful, relaxing, and cheap! Plus, you can play tennis with them later. Sweet.

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6. Be Kind To Yourself By Enjoy A Small Piece of dessert

Don’t get a dessert that’s just any desert. I know it’s not healthy, but you can have just one piece of candy (unless your doctor tells you not to). The thing is, that it doesn’t have to be something crazy chocolaty.

It can be something that is a treat for yourself. It can be a trip to a museum, a play, a day where you enjoy some ice cream. This is something that is a great dessert for you.

However, make sure it is something that you normally wouldn’t do. Think of it as doing something you’ve always wanted to do, but you just always tell yourself that you can’t afford it, or something along those lines.

Treat yourself.

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7. Be Kind To Yourself By Listening To Music You Love

We all have a favorite song or a favorite genre that we can listen to over and over. The problem is that sometimes, you don’t get a chance to listen to it. Maybe because some punk kid told you that you were to old to listen to it, or you have a public persona of being too serious.

Personally, I am kind of obsessed with Jazz and Blues (Billye Holiday, Etta James, Louis Armstrong anybody?) but I also really dig bluegrass. The problem is nobody else I know likes that music, and so pretty much, the only time I can listen to it is when I go on long car rides.

Yes, I could totally break down and do the sirus radio, or ipod, or something like that… but… confession… I kinda like not being attached to technology.

But think of this: It’s the same song with two totally different flavors.

So use this time to listen to music you really love, but don’t really get a chance to listen to. And then get your groove on.

8. Be Kind To Yourself By Giving Yourself A Mask

There is something so relaxing about using a face mask. It’s 15 minutes of self-care that you can do while doing laundry, or vacuuming or even checking your email. The best part of the mask is that it helps your skin and it’s a form of aromatherapy.

There are a ton of different masks in the world. I personally am really picky about what I put on my face, especially having crazy sensitive skin, so I usually opt for more natural or mostly natural skincare.

My favorite all time masks come from Mahalo, Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley. There are a few reasons why I choose to buy from them and not a lot of drug store brands – but they are my own personal reasons.

That being said, I get not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a mask. Queen Helene is a great brand that is clean and cheap. Or, you can use any home made face mask.

One of my favorites is mashing an avocado and putting it on your face. Is there anything avacados can’t solve?

9. Be Kind To Yourself By Go For A Walk

Walk, walk, walk. Why does everybody suggest walking? And, not just walking on a treadmill (yawnnnn) but walking outside – in nature?

Well, to be honest most people will tell you that it’s to lose weight or to be healthy. But, I just do it for more of a meditative reason. Don’t try to get the heart rate up… walk and enjoy nature.

Observe everything around you. Take moments to listen to the birds, and the flowers. Meander, and take a moment to get some much needed Vitamin D. But, seriously, put away the darn phone while you do this. Put it in your pocket, and keep it there.

10. Be Kind To Yourself By Wear Your Favorite Color

We all have a favorite color that we all love. Maybe it’s a couple of favorite colors… but if the truth be told, we feel a little uncomfortable actually wearing them.

For example: I love mustard yellow, chartreuse, and coral. But, you’d be hard pressed to ever see me in any of those colors. My wardrobe consists mostly of black pants, and black shirts.

You might have something similar, where you just feel really uncomfortable wearing anything outside of your norm. Or, maybe your job is super professional, and it’s just not your thing.

However, you can sneak your favorite colors into your style. You can paint your nails or toenails, maybe sneak it into your jewelry, or even your under garments.

The reason to have something that is your favorite color is because that color makes you happy. And, by being happy, it’s giving you a good vibe, and being super kind to yourself. Hooray!

11. Be Kind To Yourself By Reading a book

Reading a book is a great way to be kind to yourself because it gives you a moment to enjoy and escape the craziness of the world. You can read a book that’s funny, a romance novel, or a nonfiction novel, or a great thriller.

It’s something that helps you create a nice escape from the normal world. It helps you create a new world in your mind. It exercises your mind, and reading is a lot of fun.

12. Be Kind To Yourself By Forgiving Yourself

We all have done things that we aren’t proud of. Every single one of us has screwed up and done things that is hard to forgive. And, what is worse is that sometimes it impacts other people.

And it’s always so painful, because your mind keeps replaying these things, and you have something that fills your mind with regret. Sometimes, it’s too late to reconcile with other people.

However, you have to remember that we all have regrets. No one is immune to the past. But, that’s just it. The past is the past. It doesn’t define you, or what your future will be.

But, here’s the trick, once you forgive yourself, you have to try to let it go and not think about it.

13. Be Kind To Yourself By Playing

Do you love to play? You remember when you were a kid and you did cartwheels? Ok, yeah, you may not want to do that, or slide down on a playground slide (I totally would, but not everyone is as free spirited as I am… I get that.)

Sometimes going out to play can be the best thing you can do. Think about the times you do get to play, like a game of baseball, an impromptu game of catch, or one of my favorite ways of play… improv!

It’s a way to connect with your friends and family, while getting exercise at the same. And, you can totally play by yourself. One of my favorite ways to play is a game of basketball. Shooting hoops is a lot of fun… even if I’m flying solo.

14. Be Kind To Yourself By Moisturizing Your Skin

Hydrating your skin is a huge step forward. It can be a pain, but hydrating your skin is a way of pampering yourself. You may or may not be like me (I don’t like overly lubricated feelings on my skin – it just feels sticky and ick..) But, you may not be like that.

You only have one body, and having overly dry skin is painful. There are so many ways to hydrate your skin, but it gives you a moment of just you time.

Moisturizing your skin may seem irrelevant, but the truth be told, it gives some of the greatest ways to show a connection to yourself is through listening to your body and skincare needs.

That’s always a good thing, right?

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15. Be Kind To Yourself By Being Present

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you spend time with a family member or friend, and instead of connecting through conversation, you’re on the phone. It’s painful because our phones, even though they are fantastic and amazing devices have really isolated us, and created a form of zombism. Is that a word? It makes us all Zombified? Ok, now, I’m making up words, but the point is this: try to spend as much time as you can away from your phone.

Instead of spending time on Facebook, call someone. If you’re uncomfortable with calling someone, make a date to hang out with them – but keep it phone free. There is a rule in my house that unless there is a big emergency the phone better be turned off and hidden.

The more you disconnect with your electronic overlord, the more you get to experience life. You get to embrace things, meet new people, smell new smells, and you’ll find that you might just prefer actual reality over augmented.


Whew, that was quite a list, but really, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many wonderful ways to be kind to yourself, and by doing so, you will find yourself in a more positive and uplifted mindset.

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