13 Fantastic Ways To Start Your Day In A Positive Way

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Jan 29
Don’t you love mornings? Yeah, me either. But, maybe you are a morning person! Either way, these 13 tips to help us have a good morning include a nice warm shower, brisk walk, and other fun things to start your day in a positive way.

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How can you start your day in a positive way?

In this post we will discuss 13 Fantastic Ways To Start Your Day In A Positive Way.

Because, who doesn’t need to start their day off in a happy way?

1. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Making Your Bed

Am I the only one who struggles with this? Why should I freaking make my bed if I am just going to mess it up again in a few hours?

Well, thankfully, we have U.S. Navy Admin. William H. McCraven, who who has served for 36 years as a Navy SEAL to explain the point of making your bed as soon as you wake up.

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day,” he explained on the Today Show in 2014 at Texas A&M.

He added that that it helps to encourage you to complete additional small tasks These tasks all add up. It also points out that the small things matter.

And, when you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. And, if nothing else, at least you can tell yourself, “I did something today!”

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2. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Washing Your Face

There is a debate on whether or not you really need to wash your face. I’m going to tell you right now, that it really does not matter.

What you’re doing with washing your face can be whatever you need to have happen. If you want to do a three step cleansing routine, do it. If you do one that’s more steps, that’s cool too.

Or, if you like to splash your face with water – that’s OK!

The whole reason this is even brought up is because when you wash your face you are sort of shocking yourself awake. Get that water on your face, and it will be a nice good morning wake up call.

3. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Drinking Two Cups of Water

Believe it or not, drinking water first thing in the morning is one of the greatest ways to jumpstart your day. Not only does it rehydrate you, it also increases your level of alertness, and it helps to jump start your metabolism according to businessinsider.com.

This is essential because morning grogginess is a thing. A Bad thing. And, who doesn’t want to wake up more alert? Hmmmmmm?

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4. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Eating Fruit

Mmmmmm, fruit. Can I just confess right now that there is sincerely nothing I love more in this world than fruit. Cantaloupe, Apples, Berries, Kiwi…ok, now I’m getting hungry!

Now, even though you might be drooling at the thought of fruit, there is an actual reason to eat fruit in the morning.

The biggest reason is because it wakes up the body, boosts the immune system, creates an alkaline environment for the body, and strengthens the heart according to Live Love Fruit.

Personally, it helps break the “fast” you had when you woke up.

Don’t you love mornings? Yeah, me either. But, maybe you are a morning person! Either way, these 13 tips to help us have a good morning include a nice warm shower, brisk walk, and other fun things to start your day in a positive way.

5. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Taking A Quick Walk

If the weather is okay, go outside and take a brisk walk. It doesn’t have to be an hour long, but maybe a quick fifteen or twenty minutes.

The reason to take a few minutes in the morning and walking is to help wake your body up. Yes, it’s a struggle to drag your lazy butt (ahem, I speak of my lazy butt) outta bed to go for that quick walk.

But, it’s worth it. Develop Good Habits notes that walking in the morning, helps give you energy, removes any excuses (I’ll do it later!), gives a sense of achievement, and helps your heart.

Plus, while you walk, you get some fresh air, and to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Wonderful, yes?

6. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Taking A shower And Sing

Anyone else sing (really badly) in the shower for no other reason than it is fun? I love to sing in the shower!

But, I digress.

After a brisk walk in the morning, hopping in a nice warm shower helps to wake you up.

Sometimes, if I’m having a particularly hard day to wake up, I like to put a few essential oils (away from the direct stream of the water) on the shower floor, and let the steam rise up.

You can also use melts. My personal favorites for in the morning? Peppermint, teatree oil, and any citrus smells.

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7.  Start Your Day In A Positive Way By An Invigorating Scrub

While you’re singing in the shower, and inhaling some delicious smells in the shower, don’t forget to get a nice invigorating scrub.

You could do a loofah or a loofah mitt. But, there is something better. Seriously, it’s the most amazing thing in the world, and I’m obsessed with it. It’s the only thing I use, and I don’t feel clean until I use it.

It’s a Salux. It’s like a giant scrubby exfoliating towel for your skin. This thing gets to the small of your back, to your shoulders, and those pesky hard to reach places.

It’s kind of fun to shake your booty while you use it, and it’s just one of the greatest things out there. No, this isn’t sponsored it’s one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

Because there are so many fakes to this, here is the direct link to the item, and once again, this is not sponsored. Please get the original because you know you’ll get the quality. Bonus, they aren’t crazy expensive.

8. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By A Nice Tall Glass of Orange Juice

Orange Juice solves all the things. According to the Daily Mail, research has found that O.J. boosts alertness, concentration and reaction time – and lasts for hours.

But, let’s talk about Orange Juice in general, especially when it has lots of pulp and it’s super cold – almost to the point where it is a slushee, but not quite. That, my friends is a taste of heaven.

It’s common sense that the juice of an actual orange is chock full of benefits that are awesome. We know that this is an antioxidant powerhouse, and it boosts your immune system. At least that is what all the magazines tell us, right?

But, our friends over at the Organic Facts tell us that it also helps detoxify the body, boosts blood circulation, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and balances cholesterol level.

At the end of the day, it just boils down to a glass of fruit that tastes super delicious.

9. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Planning Your Day

By now, you should be fully alert. Take five minutes and pull out a sheet of paper (or your iphone or whatever makes your life easier- it doesn’t really matter) – to plan out your day.

The real reason for this isn’t to be that annoying taskmaster that tells you what you have to do in a certain day. It isn’t to make you feel bad if you happen to not cross something off the list.

Really. I promise.

It’s quite the opposite.

The reality is that when you plan out your day, it gives you a sense of structure, and it reminds you of all the crap you got to get done.

I won’t lie, it really is a lot of fun to cross things off your list. There is something about it that makes me so ridiculously happy!

10. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Meditating

This is one that I will use interchangeably with prayer. I get that a lot of people don’t do the prayer thing, and that’s ok! No one is going to force you to pray.

When we take the time to meditate we take a moment to turn on our brains “spam filter.” It gives us a moment to calm the mind and to sort through what needs to be focused on.

I know for me personally, it helps to relieve my stress and anxiety and helps me to boost up the positivity. Confession time: I’m not a morning person. In fact, mornings and I are mortal enemies, locked in a eternal fight for those five extra seconds of sleep.

And, by nature, it doesn’t take much to flip the witch switch in the mornings. However, in the mornings when I pray, it helps me to center myself. When I pray, I make a special focus to thank God (and, if this isn’t your thing, again, it’s cool. My job isn’t to convert you – that’s above my pay grade) – for everything I can think of to be thankful for.

To those who don’t do the prayer thing and prefer to just mediate – maybe repeat affirmations to yourself like: “I am thankful for this new day, I am thankful for this rain, I am thankful for this breath…” And take a deep breath, count to five, and exhale while counting to five.

It really does help you be more positive.

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11. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Reading Something Positive

In today’s world of bad news it can be disturbing. Combine bad news with traffic is a specialized recipe for anxiety and stress disasters!

Maybe, instead of reading the news and local headlines – read something that’s nice and feel good. Get the warm fuzzies about good things in life.

Take this moment to read something from the GoodNewsNetwork.com (not affiliated), or maybe that book you’re kind of obsessed with. Read a journal, a religious book, or anything that will give you all the feels.

This will help you when you’re in traffic, listening for the weather and traffic update, while the reporter tells us all how we’re all going to die today, to remember – that life doesn’t stink. There are still good people in the world.

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12. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Eating Breakfast

I don’t care what you think you must eat something. And, it must be more than an apple or fruit. Now is the time to get the fiber and the protein in your body.

We know that studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know as well as I do that it helps with weight control. I won’t repeat this stuff you already know. But, I will let WebMD.com do it for me. HA!

But, let’s be super practical here. Every meal should have a balance of food groups: Fruit, grain, dairy, protein and veggies.

However, if you are anything like me, it’s hard to eat a lot first thing in the morning. Because, you might not be hungry. That’s why we’re putting it toward the end of the list, after your shower and your walk.

But, let’s talk about easy meals that are yummy and include all the food groups. This is what I do. I boil an egg, have 2 pieces of whole grain toast, some sliced turkey, an avocado, and a banana. Talk about a super yummy meal.

Once you start eating a balanced breakfast (and there are tons of great recipes out there) you will feel so much better.

13. Start Your Day In A Positive Way By Spending Three Minutes Writing Down What You’re Grateful For

After you eat, pull out your journal (or a napkin, or whatever you have nearby to scribble on), and a pen. Then, time yourself for three minutes, and write down EVERY SINGLE THING you are grateful for that day. Leave out the normal stuff (like your family), but try to think of different things, specific things.

I struggle with this, but it helps me understand what I’m truly thankful for, and for those three minutes, I keep my hand moving. Even if I’m repeating a word over and over and over again.

This is something called freewriting, and it’s only for three minutes. The practice of freewriting helps to spark creativity in the mind. And, while you’re in traffic trying not to scream at people (ahem. Talkin’ to myself here hehe), you might suddenly think, “I like that person’s car!”

Or, when you get to work, you might think to yourself how lucky you are to have a job. When you walk in you’ll find yourself happy and noticing all the good things. And if not, at least for three minutes of your life, you were grateful for something! ☺


If you’re part of the “not a morning person club,” it can be a struggle to wake up, especially with a positive attitude. But, with these simple tips, I believe you’ll be off on a great start for a lovely day!

What do you do to start your day off right?

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