15 Insanely Simple Ways To Say Goodbye To Negativity

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Jan 19
Say Goodbye to Negativity this year. Positivity can help you live longer, be happier, and be more awesome. You can say Goodbye to Negativity by your group of friends, social networking, taking care of yourself, and many other things. Let's be positive this year!

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Today you’re going to learn 15 Insanely Simple Ways To Say Goodbye To Negativity.

Believe it or not, saying goodbye to negativity will probably be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Think of it as saying goodbye to that ex that always seems to let you down. Just kick it to the curb baby.

A 2007 Study Released by the University of Chicago Press found that negativity, much like the flu and common cold, is highly contagious.

Unfortunately, we can’t just spray Lysol or wash our hands to get rid of it. We can, however, take these super simple steps to banish it from our lives. Hooray!


1. Say Goodbye To The News

Every time we turn on the news we learn about a new way we are all going to die. Just to name a few things: atomic war, the weather, a new sickness, something one of the people up in Washington is doing, Russia, Global Warming, things causing cancer…

Seriously, the list goes on, and on. Read the headlines and they are all evidence of a negativity bias – where people pay more attention to negative words.

The Guardian has even stated the news is bad for you due to quite a few things – but here are a few factors:

  • It misleads us (remember how we are all supposed to die of some impending danger that never happened?)
  • It puts us in a constant state of stress, nervousness, fear, aggression, and you’re more susceptible to get sick.
  • It’s there simply to interrupt your train of thought so you can’t gather all the information you need.
  • News stories are about things you cannot influence and it teaches us something called “learned helplessness.”

The media is fear based, as Deborah Serani writes for Psychology Today. They use little techniques to incite the fear. This is what she says:

“News conglomerates who want to achieve this use media logic, by tweaking the rhythm, grammar, and presentation format of news stories to elicit the greatest impact.”

We’ve pretty much figured that part out, but what she says further is the most alarming.

“Did you know that some news stations work with consultants who offer fear-based topics that are pre-scripted, outlined with point-of-view shots, and have experts at-the-ready? This practice is known as stunting or just-add-water reporting. Often, these practices present misleading information and promote anxiety in the viewer.”

Say goodbye to the news, or if you must watch it, let it be in small doses. You don’t have the time or the energy to be wasted on this.

And, in case you’re wondering if we’re all going to die today –

We aren’t. I promise.

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2. Say Goodbye To Facebook Politics

All of this leads to the fact that the news is plays on emotions. The worst part? Our fear that the news incites is being sold for profit, according to Tobias Rose-Stockwell who wrote a fantastic article called The Enemy In Our Feeds, with the Mission.

The article explains how when you go on Facebook, someone posts something that makes you outraged, maybe it could be a certain person in the White House, or a certain person in Congress. You get mad, and you go and you go on a rant sharing the article that gets clicks…

And they are exploiting you and your emotions, and they profit from it.


Why are they making money off of you, and further why are we not getting some of the money?

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3. Make Boundaries

This is one of those that can be incredibly hard. It’s where you take a moment to evaluate your personal boundaries. These are things that you simply do not want to discuss in conversations, or want to have around you.

My personal thing is politics. I don’t do politics. My personal opinion is that nobody cares about our political beliefs, and if someone insists on talking about it – we need to run away as fast as we can from these people.

Your boundaries may be different. If you’re not a person who likes foul language, or religious talk, or your past, make sure you let people know these boundaries, but do it in a polite way.

Some suggestions: “I would prefer not to discuss this topic,” or, “Please don’t use that language around me.”

4. Enforce Those Boundaries

Enforcing those boundaries can be a little hard especially in real life, where you don’t have either an “unfriend” or a “block” button. However, you can still enforce them.

How? In social media, just use the buttons. They aren’t worth your energy.

In real life, however, sometimes you simply have to be blunt and tell a person. Sometimes, people don’t necessarily pick up on subtle cues. I’m one of them!

But, if you’ve been blunt, you’ve been polite, and a person still blatantly ignores your request – they aren’t even trying to respect your boundaries – the next step is to get away.

If it’s through text, ignore them. Find an excuse and hang up with them if it is on the phone. If you are hanging out with them, just get up and leave. Or, if you’re in a situation where you can’t get up and leave, maybe next time that person calls make yourself unavailable.

Just make sure you do it gracefully, politely, and kindly.

Pretty soon that person will get the hint that you don’t want to be around them.

This is not being rude, by the way, or being mean. It boils down to a matter of respect. If someone doesn’t care enough about you to honor your requests, then why do you want them in your life?

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5. Make Your Area A No Drama Zone

Nobody likes drama. Well, let me rephrase that, sometimes we enjoy watching drama, and trainwrecks occurring. (Remember when Reality TV Shows were a big thing?)

But, drama in your house or your office is not helpful. Your coworkers negativity is crazy contagious.

Nobody cares about your drama. The only people who do care about your drama are the people who are waiting to rip you to shreds.

Think of drama as a piece of raw meat that you’re about to give to a pack of hungry dogs.

Keep it out of your house!

6. Run Away From Negative People Like The Plague

This goes back to understanding that negativity is like the flu or a cold. Nobody wants it, they don’t want it around, they don’t want to deal with the symptoms, and they sure as hell don’t want to catch it.

You know who these negative people are in your life. Don’t scream and run away every time you see them. However, don’t let them into your inner circle. Just keep a nice distance from them.

7. Stop Complaining

There is no nice way for me to say this.

No one wants to hear you complain. There. I said it.

It’s not because we don’t care about a person or their situation and problem. We actually do care – but we have our own issues to worry about. We don’t need someone piling onto our issues and concerns by adding on someone else’s.

The worst is when you have something that you cannot do anything about. My weakness is traffic. I will complain about it nonstop (again, I’m trying! I really am!), but the truth is, I can do absolutely nothing about it.

Complaining also puts you in a negative mood, and instead of trying to find the joys in life… you’re too busy whining about it.

8. Get Organized

Getting organized is a great way to say goodbye to negativity! Did you know your brain actually likes to be organized? In fact, the more simple things are for the eye to take in, the less stressed out you are!

Clutter can also impact your time, money, stress and other things.

But clearing out clutter is hard. And when we think of getting organized, we think we gotta get all minimalistic.


All it means when people say to get organized is to make sure your house doesn’t look like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders.

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9. Smile At Random People

Just please, no super creepy smiles.

Seriously though, a nice, genuine smile, tells people that you notice them. A study has shown that a smile is contagious.

But, regardless of if they are contagious or not, you not only tell someone you notice them, you might even give them the one smile they had all day.

And when you smile you look better.

No, I’m serious. It’s a scientific fact! Dr. Riggio explains it in Psychology Today. He goes on to tell us that when we see someone smile at us, we feel rewarded.

Another bonus? We increase our chances of living longer – all because we smiled.

Say Goodbye to Negativity this year. Positivity can help you live longer, be happier, and be more awesome. You can say Goodbye to Negativity by your group of friends, social networking, taking care of yourself, and many other things. Let's be positive this year!

10. Do One Nice Thing A Day

Do something nice does not mean to be sappy or to spend a boat load of money you don’t have.

It’s a word of encouragement, it’s giving flowers to your wife, a note in your kids lunch box, picking up the phone and telling them you love them.

It’s doing something nice and unexpected.

11. Do Something Specific For You

What do you like to do? Maybe you like to wear makeup. Perhaps, you like to go for a walk, or do a facial mask, or have your nails done.

The thing is – when you do something that’s just for you – you give yourself permission to be happy, and it makes you happy. So, why not be happy?

12. Take Care Of Yourself

I don’t care what anyone tells you, you cannot be positive if you don’t take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Have your me time. It’s totally ok for you to sleep in a little bit longer on weekends. Make sure you drink that 8 ounces of water a day, walk for thirty minutes, do some kind of exercise.

The thing here is that you shouldn’t feel guilty taking care of you.

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13. Surround Yourself With Natural Mood Boosters

Surrounding yourself with natural mood boosters is super easy. The coolest thing about them is that you don’t have to worry about putting bad things in your body. You can do this with essential oils, or just go for a walk. Maybe you want to grab some orange juice.

The idea here is to understand that the more positive mood boosters you surround yourself you have, the better off you will be!

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14. Play

Remember when you were a kid, and you went outside and played all day long? Or maybe you did cartwheels. I rode my bike a lot as a kid, and I also liked to play basketball (until the teenage neighbor came over and played on it.)

The point is, that when you play, it’s the same effect as exercise, except you aren’t doing it because “you have to.”

You’re playing just because it’s fun, and you can. Bonus points if you can do the cartwheel.

15. Give One Genuine Compliment To Someone Every Day

When was the last time you told someone they were doing a good job? Or when was the last time you told someone they looked nice today?

Be genuine with each compliment, but make sure that you just mention it in passing. How often is it that you’re at a job and nobody ever says “good job” or “great presentation today!”

Additionally, you’ll also get a smile, which we learned above, is a good thing.


Saying Goodbye to Negativity is a great thing. Trust me, you feel so much better, and your blood pressure will go down. You’ll get all the feel good feels that everyone should experience.

And trust me. You will not miss it one little bit.

Now, it’s your turn!

What have you done to kick negativity to the curb? Let me know in the comments down below!

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