8 Delightful Ways To Overcome Cleaning Anxiety

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Mar 28
Overcoming Cleaning Anxiety can be difficult. Especially if you have anxiety issues, but you can conquer it like the awesome person you are. Try these 8 Delightful Ways To Overcome Cleaning Anxiety.

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In this blog post you will find 8 Delightful Ways To Overcome Cleaning Anxiety.

Confession time! When it comes to cleaning I get crazy anxiety because it gets super overwhelming. Surely, I am not the only one. Well, maybe I am. Either way these tricks have totally helped me conquer my cleaning anxiety.

1. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety By Just Doing It

Sometimes, it’s the easiest and best way to handle it. Sometimes there is no easier way than to take a deep breath and just tackle the thing.

Other times, you’re forced into it.

Funny story, one day I came home, and my toilet had sprung a leak in one of the tubes that you turn the water on and off on. The water had caused a flood on my floor, water was on the wall, and spewing everywhere. Yes, toilet water from the tubing sprayed in my face as I tried to turn the thing off.

The next thing I knew, I looked around my bathroom, and realized I had to get everything out before it seeped into the floor and caused mold and all that jazz. So I drug everything out of the bathroom, outside, and then pulled out the towels, and the mop…

It really was one of those things that you just had to handle immediately.

Seriously, sometimes, it’s just easier to shut up and deal with it, because otherwise – it’s just ick.

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Overcoming Cleaning Anxiety can be difficult. Especially if you have anxiety issues, but you can conquer it like the awesome person you are. Try these 8 Delightful Ways To Overcome Cleaning Anxiety.

2. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety With One Task At A Time

For times when you really know you should clean an area, and you really don’t want to do it, one of the things I do is do one thing at a time. Like if you see a pile of papers that needs to be organized, sit down and start organizing.

Just grab what needs to be organized or cleaned, and do it bit by bit. Like if the counters need to be wiped down, just wipe them down, and your done.

Soon the little tasks you do throughout the day add up to one big task. The secret is to not over think it.

One task a day. You got this.

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3. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety With 30 Minutes

Sometimes things are a little more demanding than one task a day. Maybe it’s a room or something that needs to be done a little quicker, but not so quickly it’s in an emergency mode.

Do it in 30 minutes. Set a timer, and do everything you humanly possibly can to clean the area in thirty minutes or less. This is super quick and super easy.

You can accomplish a lot in thirty minutes and when you’re done with that thirty minutes, you can take that time to decide if you want to move forward and do another thirty minutes, or not.

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4. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety With A Plan of Attack

Sit down and decide how to accomplish this if this is a big thing that you have to tackle. Take an idea of what is most important to deal with and go with that.

Then break each thing down into smaller tasks. Like if you have to reorganize your bookshelf, you know you’re gonna have to clear it off, wipe it down, and then go from there.

The plan of attack is critical because it helps you determine what is the most vital part that has to be done right away and breaking it down into semi-manageable parts.

This is one of those things that helps you organize things easily, and once this has been established, life gets so much easier.

5. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety With Categories

Categorizing things is so much fun. It sounds super lame, but hear me out. Categories solve a lot of anxiety issues, because you want to keep things like with like.

I usually have a system when it comes to categorizing things. I usually lump things that belong in each part of the house together – you know, bathroom things with bathroom things, and kitchen things with kitchen things.

Then I break it down even further. I think this is because I have a sick obsession with factor trees. But these are like: If you’re in your kitchen, you have all the stuff out, you put your plates with the plates, and your food with the food, and so forth.

Then you break it down even further, by size, color, alphabetically and so forth. Don’t let this get you freaked out. The good news is that this is like a game – think of it as cleaning tetris!

6. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety By Decluttering

Oh dear lord, can we just talk about decluttering all the things? This is hard, and I am the queen of the clutter. Yes. I am. DA QUEEN. All HAIL DA QUEEN!

Ok, no not really. But my thing is if you can throw something away, it’s one less thing that you have to find a spot for. Seriously, you don’t have to organize it, and it makes life easier.

Anyway, it just makes things easier if you throw things you don’t need away – or at least donate it. The only organization you got to do is pile one to go in the garbage and pile two to donate. Hooray for making life simple!

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7. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety By Diffusing Oils

Once again, you got me admitting that I love to diffuse oils. Seriously, diffusing oils make me so happy. But, let me be honest with you, I have serious issues with anxiety. I struggle with anxiety big time.

However, when I have had anxiety attacks I have had to diffuse these oils and they have helped calm me down. I really like to diffuse the Rocky Mountain Aligning, Lavender, or At Peace.

These things are great because it helps to simmer down the anxiety and help you move forward. These have helped me tremendously, especially when I have to face cleaning or anything anxiety inducing.

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8. Overcome Cleaning Anxiety By Making It A Game

Games make me happy. I will confess that I love to “play” (screw you, adulting!). To clean, I like to make a game out of it, like how much can I get done before my favorite P!nk song is over. Or, I also like to dance while I clean.

Yes, it’s what I do.

Another thing that I like to do is to try to do it before a favorite television show is on. Soon, if you just make it a game or have fun doing it (erm, as much fun as you can have while cleaning) things get so much better. Trust me.

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These are only a few of the things I like to do to get over my cleaning anxiety. What do you like to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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