9 Positive Reasons I’m Embracing A More Natural Life

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Apr 23
Do you want to start living a more natural, holistic, and minimalistic life? Do you want to know why I made that decision? It was a pretty big and life changing choice. Here are 9 Positive Reasons I'm Embracing A More Natural, Minimalistic Life.

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When I first heard about the more natural lifestyle, and the more organic lifestyle, and the more minimalistic lifestyle – I thought everyone was out of their ever loving mind. Why? Because, we all hear about these things and they are literally nothing more than trends.

That’s right. I said it. Trends. They will stay for a year or so and then go off with the wind. Or, if they aren’t trends, it’s usually a minor few people who decide to turn an idea that was really awesome into something cult like and extreme.

I try to stay away from that nonsense because I am a rational human being (like most of my readers are), and I have seen some crazy extremists on these topics. The trick to this is to make sure you don’t really go nuts with this. Seriously, you know how you feel when your talking to someone trying to force their opinion on you? Don’t be that person.

This is a decision that I personally made for myself, and the reasons why I made these decisions.

1. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For Health Reasons

I am not the healthiest person, but I’m trying. Kinda. Not really. Hey, at least I’m honest!

One of the biggest reasons I’m changing to a more natural lifestyle is due to health reasons. I’m overweight, have asthma and serious anxiety issues. Additionally, I have eczema, PCOS, oily skin and an itchy scalp.

It’s a long list, but it’s not the end of the world. By keeping a more natural and holistic lifestyle, I’ve noticed a lot of positive things. By drinking more water my weight is going down, and my skin is more hydrated.

Then, by making my own things like laundry detergent, and skincare, I have found a huge difference in my skincare, and my breathing has become easier also. Bonus points for the essential oils that I diffuse help lower my anxiety!

It has also helped me significantly sleep better. I used to have serious insomnia, but just by diffusing lavender I’ve had the best nights sleep ever.

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Do you want to start living a more natural, holistic, and minimalistic life? Do you want to know why I made that decision? It was a pretty big and life changing choice. Here are 9 Positive Reasons I'm Embracing A More Natural, Minimalistic Life.

2. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For Fiscal Reasons

Let’s just say it. Something I don’t like to admit – but I hate spending money. I hate it. Used to, a long time ago, I was like every other typical American who wanted to live the high life – but the more expensive things got, the less impressed I became.

In fact, it got so bad that I cringed every time I bought shampoo. And, when I lived in South Carolina, a growing time for me, I realized that at my heart, I’m a simple person, with simple needs. I have no use for many material items (except television and books) and I valued time over gifts any day.

It got to the point where I started looking at youtubers who were on this trend, and instead of looking at them with disdain… it started to make sense. Why should I pay a lot of money for a facewash – when I can just make it? Upfront it will cost a lot but I won’t need to spend it again for a whole year.

Logically, you gotta admit, that makes sense.

And makeup? You all know I’m a makeup fiend, but honestly – I’m so over makeup right now – because the limited edition nonsense.

Then, it grew more annoying when I went out to eat with a friend of mine, and I ordered my meal that was $24.99. What I got was not worth the price tag. It was basically chicken with pico de gallo – and it wasn’t even that tasty. It was literally something I could make myself for under $12.00.

That’s when I knew right then and there – as inflation is a serious thing right now – I wasn’t going to let it happen to me.

3. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For Decluttering

Can I tell you how stressed out I have been recently? Clutter has been my number one source of getting super stressed out, and all I want to do (erm like to do) is organize.

The problem is – that with so much stuff to organize it gets so overwhelming, and I’m the one who always has to take organizing a step too far. It can’t just be by alphabetical order or color.

But, the problem is that as I’m growing I’m learning what kinds of things I simply having to reject. Things that I don’t need, maybe someone else does. And it’s a little frustrating because I just stare, sometimes, at my stuff, and realize that the money could’ve gone somewhere else.

But at the end of the day – it’s much more about giving myself a wide open space to embrace less crap to clean.

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4. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For My Cats

Can I tell you all about my cats? Yes, I’m obsessed. I have 5 of them, and they are all sort of rescues. You might have noticed a new page on my website called “The Jack Kitty Show.”

I’m obsessed with cats. But, I don’t want anything to happen to them. And, with a lot of clutter, cats can get into some pretty crazy situations.

The worst part is that when cleaning, I don’t want them to worry about things like if my floor cleaner, or my candles will harm my cats in some way.

They give me so much love, affection, and trust that I recognize that it’s a big responsibility to return it back to them. They are like my children, and therefore I want them to be safe.

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5. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For Animals

Along the line of thinking of my love of the cats, I am a big animal lover. Yes, I’m the one that will bring a stray animal home for no other reason than it is cute and cuddly.

That being said, I used to not really pay attention about brands that tested on animals… but then I realized that

My kitties, had they not been rescued by me, might have wound up in one of those places that do animal testing.

Yes, I have makeup, beauty products, and so forth from companies that endorse animal testing, but I am now making a conscious effort to not allow that anymore into my home.

I’m not fanatical about it, but if I know a company or a parent company does test on animals – then I will automatically not buy that item. I may not stop them from harming an animal, but I am able to stop them by not giving them money to use to test on animals.

Many people look at the PETA website for animal testing – and for me – I have my own issues with PETA. I think they are a little extreme for me personally.

That being said, I have checked out great websites like Cruelty-Free Kitty and Ethical Elephant. They have helped me a lot to choose brands that were more ethical.

And, when you’re doing this, make it a point to not only look at the brand itself, but also the parent company. A parent company that tests on animals will still receive the money from the company that doesn’t test on animals.

Additionally, the company may sell in China, where it is mandatory that all cosmetics test on animals. So, even though the company may not test on animals in the US, if they sell in China, they are testing on animals.

It’s one of those situations where it is a gray area, and I for one have no desire to tell you what to think or how to think (that’s what cultist do). This is just information and you can do whatever you deem is best for you.

6. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For The Planet

Well, I love animals, and I want them to grow up in a healthy habitat. Additionally, I happen to like our planet. It’s nice, and green, and has flowers.

Now, I’m not one to be all about saving the earth, and you will never see me out there protesting to save the planet. But, I am one to quietly go about trying to do my own little part to not destroy the planet.

Look, I’m not perfect, but I try, and because I like the planet, I don’t want to contribute to that gross plastic land mass out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That’s just nasty.

And, why would I want to destroy something that I know is important to making me feel better?

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7. I’m Embracing A Natural Life For my Spirituality

Ok, I promise I won’t go all woo woo on you hear, and I won’t tell you about my way or the highway kind of preaching. If you want to hear that you can go to your local church.

But, I will tell you that I am not a religious person – more of a spiritual person. There is a difference. A religious person follows doctrine, and theology whereas a spiritual person prefers to keep their relationship with a higher power more one on one with said higher power.

And, even though I decided that Christianity was the faith for me – I’m totally cool with my friends who opt for other religions and even those who don’t choose to have a faith.

My path to spirituality has not been the most conventional.

It always annoyed me that no one in the church could seem to be able to answer my questions, they were more political than the bozo’s up in Congress, and seriously, if I hear the song Holiness one more time, I will scream.

I’ve always felt closer to God when I was outside in nature, so it made sense to me to figure out how to get closer to God through nature. So I started checking out things that made sense to me. My first look was through the Native American Belief’s. Now, to be honest, I was a kid, and I didn’t understand a lot of things.

I checked books like Grandfather by Tom Brown, Jr. Then I read all of his books. The books mentioned things like how Animals were our relations and our jobs on the earth were to be caretakers of it. It also taught about the “Spirit that runs through all things” – which in my mind – is God.

All that to say, in a place where you want to be more natural and holistic and minimalist, it makes sense to follow that line of thinking when it came to making this decision.

It also helped that when I read the Bible it was close to my beliefs and I realized it was just easier.

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8. I’m Embracing A Natural Life Because I Detest Consumerism

Let’s talk about consumerism. It’s all about buying crap you don’t need, and using your emotions to make a profit. It’s basically using the “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out – for those of us who aren’t so text savvy) to make you buy ALL DA THINGS.

The best example of this is the cosmetic industry. I am a makeup junkie. One day, I will do a room tour of my makeup stash. Eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, Nail Polish and highlighters are all organized in my makeup stash.

It all started with Mac Cosmetics. Back in the late 90’s and early ‘00’s Mac was the best cosmetic company, and it did limited edition items once every season.

Then they got greedy.

In the early 2010’s (maybe even late ‘00’s) they started pumping out new makeup collections every month, then every two weeks, then every week, and then every other day. All with limited edition stuff.

The problem? Fast forward to 2017, when the beauty community was overwhelmed with everything being limited edition. The prices would raise, you’d get total crap quality cosmetics, and they were limited edition. The companies told you that the item was limited edition and once it was gone – it was gone…

But then, magically, 3 months later – they had found a whole new stock of items right around the holidays…and then it became permanent.

The beauty community started rejecting it, and I hope they continue to. But, what all this boils down to is that all these limited editions – were the same colors we already had.

Can I tell you how many warm colored eyeshadow palettes I have?

But it really got to me when I realized that I don’t wear a lot of makeup.

Because that takes effort, and I don’t like effort. And, they all started to look a like. Every collection was the same, and it got boring.

Nothing was new, and the companies are so desperate to make a buck they sit there and proclaim things like: Skin is in! Black eyeliner is in!

No. No boo. That has been around forever.

But, that’s what consumerism is. Making you think you need something that you don’t, and then buy it in excess, and you loose money while the companies make money and give you crap product.

So, instead of buying ten eyeshadows for $5 that is crap and will break, it’s totally cool to buy a product that’s a little more expensive but you know you will love and use.

Or, do what I do and make your own.

No, I’m not perfect, and I will keep my makeup until I use it all, but I’ll be hard pressed to buy in excess because I don’t want to be broke.

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9. I’m Embracing A Natural Life Because It’s Easier

You may or may not have noticed yet, but I am naturally a lazy person. Don’t get me wrong, my work ethic can’t be beat, but when it comes to making my life simpler… I’m all about that.

I would much prefer to have less stress, financial woes, and do something good for the planet and animals and me… than complicate my life with clutter, FOMO and not do things that are good for animals and the planet.

I don’t want a complicated life, and I certainly don’t want a life where I’m stressed out about stuff I can’t control.

It’s seriously just so much easier to me to do it this way.

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These decisions are ones that I made for myself, and I hope that you will consider these things as you make a life-changing situation in your life. Always consider all the things, and just because this might work for me – it might not work for you. And that is totally cool!

While you weigh the decisions in your life make sure you do what is best for you.

And I want to know –

Which of the reasons above do you consider the most when making a decision? Let me know in the comments below!

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