10 Ways to Emotionally Thrive

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Mar 26
Sometimes it’s hard to get control over emotions, and it’s even harder to thrive when strong emotions are in the way. In this blog post are 10 ways to help you Emotionally thrive, which can be a wonderful thing. So lets take a deep breath and dive in!

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Emotional health deals with what your heart tells you to do. It helps you gain control over your emotions to filter into a positive vibe. In this post you will find 10 Ways To Emotionally Thrive.

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1. Emotionally Thrive By Laughing

Laughter is also the best medicine. Sometimes, things can get really heavy on us, and we sincerely don’t think we can take one more thing that can happen.

Have you ever been at a place where you’re so emotionally exhausted, someone could walk in and say “tree” or some other random word, and for whatever reason you find it absolutely hysterical?

The laughter is an emotional release that is desperately needed.

Additionally, it helps you relax, and it helps you to shift your perspective from the negative to the positive. It lifts your mood and eases anxiety according to Helpguide.org.

Personally, I am a person who loves to laugh. I can’t fathom anyone who is so serious they can’t laugh or enjoy laughing. My favorite way to laugh is to watch comedy shoes (the classics – like Jack Benny or even Roseanne) and sometimes these shows will have me wheezing.

Other ways I do it is by pretending I am a comedian (I’m not, but I like to pretend I am). And I just goof off.

When you have a chance, try to laugh. Laughter really will make you so much happier.

Sometimes it’s hard to get control over emotions, and it’s even harder to thrive when strong emotions are in the way. In this blog post are 10 ways to help you Emotionally thrive, which can be a wonderful thing. So lets take a deep breath and dive in!

2. Emotionally Thrive By Meditating

The emotional part of your essence is very closely linked to your emotional side. However, one cannot make a decision when they are emotional. That sounds so cliché, but emotions cloud our minds, and it also is harmful to not only our mental thriving, but also our spiritual needs.

Emotions are very powerful.

This is why I always recommend meditating or praying (I use it interchangeably) to focus your attention to something beyond yourself.

Anytime you are about to freaking lose it, go outside, and take five minutes. Focus on an area – I don’t care what it is – and take a deep breath, hold it, and count backwards from ten, and slowly exhale while counting. Then inhale, but count to ten.

Do this to focus your attention on your breath, and repeat until your emotions are somewhat focused. Don’t worry, it will help you tremendously just to focus on something.

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3. Emotionally Thrive By Repeating Self Affirmations

We are bombarded by negativity. Everywhere you turn you will have someone be negative. They will tell you that you aren’t good enough or whatever.

The truth is that you are good enough, and you can do whatever you set your mind to do. So take a minute, write down 10-20 good things about yourself.

Everyday, take a moment, and repeat those things to yourself, out loud, in front of a mirror. You will feel stupid the first few times you do it, but who cares? The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself, the more you will believe them.

This will help you understand that you are awesome and the more you believe it (because it is true) the more emotionally reliant you become on it. And then, when some jerk tells you that you aren’t good enough, you can turn around and say: “No, YOU are not good enough for ME!”

Because, you know you’re amazing.

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4. Emotionally Thrive Spending Time With Friends

Perhaps we should rephrase this and say that you have to spend time with the right friends.

These are the friends that will uplift you, and will take your mind off of bad things. These are not negative friends who gripe and whine all the time.

Lately, I’ve been doing my fair share of being grouchy, but when you have the right friends to help uplift you, things get so much better.

Usually, because they are making you laugh, and as we learned on the first point, that makes everything better.

5. Emotionally Thrive By Journaling

Write down everything you feel. Sometimes writing things down makes you feel happy, or at least helps you get your emotions out.

Sometimes when you feel a really strong emotion, and you want to let it all out, but you can’t really call your boss a bad name, or you can’t rip someone to shreds like you really want to…

Write it out. Seriously, writing it out is the easiest way to get out emotions, and you can put it in a journal, where you can draw, or you can do one better. You can write it on a piece of paper, and before anyone else sees it, destroy it.

Like burn the piece of paper. But – only the piece of paper – in a fireplace or a firepit. Anything more might be considered arson. And that’s not a good thing.

Ok, just keep it to your journal and hide it.

6. Emotionally Thrive By Writing Creatively

I am a writer. Despite my constant denial of what I am, the truth is that I am a writer. And the most wonderful thing about writing is that you can get away with just about anything.

Sometimes when you’re feeling a strong emotion like happiness, you can write about a happy story. If you’re feeling really sad, you can write a story to make you happy. Or, if you really just want to punch that jerk in traffic who cut you off and gave you the one finger hello… you can write about it… and get your revenge on paper.

It’s great because while you do this, you realize that not only are you getting things out of you, but you’re doing it in a very creative way, and that is the coolest thing ever.

The reason is because you aren’t hurting anyone, you’re just writing, and you’re exercising your own intellect and letting the emotions pour from your mind and to your pencil.

Yes, this is a magnificent feeling. The best part is because you can control it, and no matter what happens, you know it’s not real. It’s imaginary, and it’s still safe.

Try creative writing, for sure!

7. Emotionally Thrive By Having A Good Cry

Sometimes, we just need a good cry. I get it. Yes, that’s why sometimes a good cry can make you almost feel better.

Believe it or not, a good cry is a wonderful thing. It releases emotions that you have pent up, and gets rid of stress. The best part of it is that it also helps you feel more creative.

The other part about having a good cry is that – if you’re like me – you can embrace the idea that allowing yourself to feel the emotions like crying is something that is wonderful.

It is cleansing, and usually after my good cry, everything gets clearer. It’s like pushing all the icky cloudy ideas in your body.

Try it! It doesn’t solve all the things, but it is emotionally moving!

8. Emotionally Thrive By Diffusing Uplifting Essential Oils

Again, with the oils. Yes, I truly love essential oils, and it’s because they work. Well, for me, even though in my mind I know it’s a pseudoscience, but something about them works.

There is always my tried and trusty lime scent- that I’m convinced is the most wonderful smell in the world, or other people seem to like Bergamont, and here lately I’ve been digging Citrus Blend.

The thing is, whatever it is that you can smell that gets you in a good mood (erm – that’s legal, ok?) smell it.

Because this helps you generate everything you have and gets rid of emotions that make you feel – not so confident.

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9. Emotionally Thrive By Forgiving Yourself of Past Mistakes

We all have things in our life that stink. Seriously, we have all made mistakes in our lives. I’m going to tell you something that’s going to be absolutely blunt.

Just because you have done something in life that isn’t good – so has everybody. Everybody in the world has something in their life that they regret.

The best thing to do is to take a deep breath and understand that mistakes that were made are in the past. You don’t have time to look in the past, babe, you gotta look forward!

Stop looking behind you, and start looking in front of you darling!

10. Emotionally Thrive By Listening To Silence

There is absolutely nothing wrong with silence. Silence is a beautiful thing. Some people are terrified of it. I know a few people who are scared of silence, and you can always pick out the ones that are. Usually they are the ones that have to have the radio turned up all the time, or have a television on, all the time.

These people are the ones who if there is more than a three minute stretch of silence, they start talking.

And I get it. Silence is terrifying. It leaves you with your own thoughts and emotions, and that means you have to deal with them. Especially when you’re in a spot where you have no imagination, so you get bored.

In fact, silence is, in and of itself, something that makes you very vulnerable as a person. But, here’s the thing – think of all the people that talk to you. You have your family, your friends, the television, the radio, Alexa, the kids outside, your boss, your coworkers, the Internet, Youtube, and the list goes on and on.

Seriously, it’s terrifying how much you have to take in and emotionally injest. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to sit back and listen to silence.

Seriously, go into a room close your door, have your phone, iPad, Computer, and any electronic as far away from you as possible, and just listen to silence.

It will scare you at first, you’ll be bored, but then you’ll find a certain comfort in it. You’re suddenly able to weight decisions with your own intuition, without anyone elses influence, and you’ll feel a comfort with it.

It’s pretty powerful stuff! And you might find yourself enjoying the company of – well – you!


Emotionally thriving is a very important aspect in self-growth and self thriving, because it helps you filter negative vibes into positive vibes. And, who doesn’t love to get good vibes?

Now it’s your turn!

Which of these ways are you going to try so that you can emotionally thrive?

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