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A lifestyle blog that helps the modern woman holistically embrace her most positive life through simplicity, a positive mind-set, self-care, and creating beautiful surroundings. 

The Benefits Of A Positive Life

According to the Mayo Clinic, living a positive lifestyle helps to increase your lifespan, lower depression, lower anxiety and stress, helps boost your immune system, helps both your physical and psychological wellbeing, boosts your heart health, and helps you cope during hard times.  #yesplease

Rethink Positivity is a page that embraces optimism through constructive, practical and productive methods that focuses on self-care, mental wellbeing, and spreading joy. This is done through workshops, podcasts, online courses and social media groups.

Hey, I'm Amie. 

When I'm not embracing the positive life, I'm usually talking about it, or writing about it. Maybe I'll do all three - that should satisfy my Gemini tendencies. I love to geek out over old television shows, makeup, and Tom Petty. Oh yeah, I also have an addiction to learning. My passion is to help people thrive with a positive lifestyle. 


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