14 Amazing Truths That Will Make You Thrive

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Mar 06
We all want to thrive, and sometimes it can be a bit difficult. The idea of thriving can help you grow and flourish. Here are 14 Amazing Truths That Will Make You Thrive that help you with gratitude, self-care, kindness, and knowledge.

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In this post you will find 14 Amazing Truths That Will Make You Thrive.

The design of this post is to help you understand that little things can help you thrive and embrace your best life.

1. Thrive By Accepting Responsibility For Your Life

We will get the hardest one out of the way first. Before you think I’m being mean, and insensitive, understand that I have had to come to terms with this myself.

First things first stop blaming other people for your life. Nope. No excuses. Just stop. Every decision you have ever made has come from you. Take responsibility, and understand you have goofed at times. And you know what? That’s OK.
I will tell you that nobody in the world has ever lived a life free of regrets. We’ve all had those moments where we blame ourselves, but we blame everybody else but ourselves.

Once you accept responsibility for your life, you will begin to understand that it wasn’t a goof, but a learning opportunity. You see, sometimes learning is painful, and it hurts like hell, but it also helps us grow.

We always want to take responsibility for our good qualities, but when it comes to our mistakes – we want to blame anyone we can. But, once you sit there and say:

“Fine, I made that decision and I have to live with it,” you will begin to find yourself to be so much stronger than you ever believed.

And, you will find that during that time, you may have learned something about yourself, or a life lesson, and you will understand that the decision helped shape you to become you.

We all want to thrive, and sometimes it can be a bit difficult. The idea of thriving can help you grow and flourish. Here are 14 Amazing Truths That Will Make You Thrive that help you with gratitude, self-care, kindness, and knowledge.

For example:

I got a job that sent me to Charleston, South Carolina. The entire time every ounce of my being told me to not go. I didn’t listen. Instead, I allowed practicality to set in, and the nine months I was there – I was miserable. But, the only one I could blame was myself, because I had made the choice to listen to others, but not my heart.

We all do that, and we all listen to our emotions (fear is a powerful motivator), or we all listen to other people, but at the end of the day, we must understand and accept that we made that decision, we have to deal with the consequences, and it’s okay.

And, you know what? If it weren’t for Charleston, I wouldn’t have ever been able to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Yes, if you haven’t visited, you must go!

Because, believe it or not, not all consequences are bad. Some are joyful, and wonderful and happy surprises.

So own up to it, and embrace your mistakes.

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2. Thrive By Being Grateful

Sometimes it can be painful to try to think about what it is to be grateful for. It is truly a struggle to find something to be grateful for. Usually, people use family members or animals to be thankful for.

It has always astounded me how so many can walk around, grouchy, and not realizing what they can be happy about. There are many ways that you can be grateful. Think of all the things that you may have.

Here are a few things that you already have – that we all have – that nature has already granted to us. We have air, the sun, the flowers, and water. Every day, when you go for a walk, or stuck in traffic, stop, and think to yourself, how fortunate you are to see a beautiful sunrise/sunset, and then go from there.

The more gratitude you show to the world, the more you realize just how many little things there are that are hidden surprises. That you may have never even noticed before!

3. Thrive by Seeking Knowledge

You can only grow when you seek the truth. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to change religions! I am telling you to start finding answers to your questions.

If you have a question about how the stars were formed, start finding the answer to it! The more you seek, and research the more you realize that maybe you have another hobby, or maybe you have more questions.

And, here’s the fun part, don’t start by seeking the knowledge from that one guy who thinks he knows it all. No, no – because you want knowledge – genuine knowledge, not blabber. If you want to learn more about something – find a teacher or go to the documents.

Find something that you will be enhanced by. If religion is your thing, go to the documents, the language itself, and things will start showing themselves to you.

Knowledge helps you thrive because it gives insight to so many wonderful and new things. Embrace it, and the answers will come.


4. Thrive By Being Yourself

I won’t lie and say this is my easiest one yet. In fact, for the longest time I have tried to be anything but me. Many times we do that to please others, especially if we are people pleasers.

We live in a world that teaches us that to be accepted we must act or be a certain way, and we conceal who we are to people.

This is the biggest struggle I have. Even with my own family and best friend, I am uncomfortable with being who I really am. Most of the time I put on an act, because I know they see me one way, and they will always see me that way.

And that’s ok. Sometimes, it’s easier to let people believe things even though it can be frustrating to you, because it makes life easier. There. I said it!

But, one of the most freeing things that you can do is be in a space where you can be you, do you and not really care what others think. The whole thing boils down to doing what you love to do and what you enjoy.

Why it’s important…

Being yourself doesn’t have to be a radical bright flashing light telling people that you are being yourself. It’s the whole “comfort with yourself” that is a thing.

And the coolest part? You are always learning more about yourself, and your finding things that you really love. Let’s be honest.

You know good and well that your best friend won’t geek out with you while watching a Jack Benny Marathon or a Star Trek (TOS) marathon, while eating an avocado and berry snack, and doing art, but you can, and you do it, and you don’t care.

Additionally, you know people ask you if you’re ok if you happen to be very quiet (and confession time: when I’m on my own, I’m very quiet. I embrace silence, and I don’t like the radio on, or any of that – to others – that’s crazy) , and then you do the internal sigh, and turn your acting on, because you know that’s what they want to hear.

Being yourself with yourself is what’s important. It’s where all bets are off, and you do you, sing your songs, and let your weirdness out. Be quiet if you want to be quiet, and that’s what makes you beautiful.

When you can just know that you can be yourself. And, amazingly, you’ll find that you like yourself, a lot, because you’re not in competition with trying to impress yourself.

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5. Thrive By Giving Back

Giving back is so important. So many of us have our little charities that we give to – but how often is it out of obligation rather than actually wanting to do it?

Let me give you the secret to all of this, and it’s selfish as I’ll get out, but it’s true. Give back not because it will make whoever it is feel good, do it because it makes YOU feel good.

It’s hard, because when you give back, you always want to make sure you are giving back to people who truly need it. You don’t want to give your money to an organization that a majority of the money goes to the CEO, or something like that, you want to give it to the people or the group.

Before I donate to any organization I thoroughly research it. The best way to do that is through this process the Bridgespan offers.

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6. Thrive By Seeking Beauty

When the world is dreary it is hard to see beauty in anything. However, beauty is embracing. There are so many things in this world that are beautiful even if it looks ugly.

But, by seeking the beautiful in the world you start understanding that nothing is really ugly. It’s just someone else’s version of pretty. And, by seeking beauty, you begin to attract beauty.

Beauty isn’t just skin deep, or inside a person. Beauty is all around and all encompassing. Surround yourself with beauty, and the only way to do that is by actively seeking it.

When you see something you dislike – a person, a place, an object – try to find something about it that you think is beautiful. There has to be something, and if you can’t find it, think harder.


7. Thrive By Being Out In Nature

Nature is the place to thrive. It’s the place where you can walk and contemplate. You can see how mother nature does her own way of art, like sunlight, trees, animals, and flowers.

Nature can teach us so much, the actual cycle of life, the way seasons occur, the way that animals can work in tandem with each other in their own animal society.

Growing up, I didn’t have many friends, but I learned how things worked by simply observing nature. So, when things happen and everyone thinks the world is going to end, I look at nature and think – the sun still rises, the sun still sets, and the stars still shine.

What can you observe when you’re in nature? Don’t just glance at it, but truly think about how intricate and beautiful it truly is. You might be astounded by what it reveals to you.

8. Thrive By Embracing The Natural

When we think of our bodies, we understand that they are the most unique pieces of machinery there is. Somehow everything works the way it’s supposed to.

Eat things that are organic (but be careful of that buzz-word- get it from a co-op or something) or that you grew yourself! Maybe get them from a farmers market. Use products that are natural that won’t do harm to the skin or to the environment.

I like to diffuse essential oils, and give me raw fruit any day, veggies and all the good things. But, I’ve found that the more I align myself with natural things, the better I feel.

I’m sure there is some science backed thing that goes along with it. But, that being said, remember that there is good in nature, and bad in nature. Don’t just do all the wonderful natural things, because – you wouldn’t rub poison ivy all over your skin, would you? Some berries are also poisonous.

Everything in moderation. Sometimes, science does help us out!

9. Thrive By Taking Care Of Your Skin Care

This cannot be emphasized enough. If there is one thing I must tell you, above all the things, take care of your skin. There are so many wonderful ways to do so, but there is a really good reason for it…

The skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put on it can absorb into your skin. And the best part is, skincare can be so very simple. Don’t listen to these beauty gurus who tell you about the 30 plus steps to take care of your skin, or the girl at the makeup counter.

The beauty about taking care of your skin is that it’s a way of pampering yourself, and making yourself feel good.

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10. Thrive By Taking Care of Your Body

This is the hardest part because to some people, taking care of the body is easy, to others, it’s not, and then to others it’s not important. There are many ways to take care of the human body, nutrition, exercise, and what have you.

The most important part is, to not obsess about it, but to find something you like doing. If you like walking, walk, or if you’re a swimmer (like me) then swim. If you prefer to dance, then dance. The whole thing is to do things in balance, and with your doctor’s approval.

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11. Thrive By Rejecting Perfectionism

Perfectionism is the most vile thing in the world. So many people think that being perfect is the ticket to being admired and loved.

No. Let’s stop right here. Perfectionism gets you nowhere. No one has ever been perfect. Instead, you waste a bunch of time trying to be something you aren’t.

I hate to tell you this, but you aren’t perfect. I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Understand this, and embrace your imperfections. Your imperfections are what make you perfect.


12. Thrive By Rejecting Negativity

It can be so easy to be negative. Especially when your blood sugar drops… or when you sit in traffic. I’m the kind of person who also hates getting yelled at when I’m trying to do something good, is that something you struggle with? Surely, I can’t be the only one!

Rejecting negativity can be crazy hard, Especially if you are not the kind of person who also has a knee-jerk reaction to snap back.

However, sometimes you have to realize that people can be in a bad mood and usually it has nothing to do with you. You aren’t even apart of the equation! You just happen to be the person in the line of someone’s wrath.

When that happens, try to reject the negativity that’s being passed onto you. You don’t got time for that.

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13. Thrive By Learning The Art of Civil Disagreement

You know what I mean. You go on line, and you express an opinion and the next thing you know the two of you are calling each other names, or slinging obscenities around.

Civil Disagreement is a lost art. You can totally agree to disagree, and you can totally have a different opinion than other people. Somewhere along the line, we (as a culture) got it in our heads that we simply cannot get along with anyone that doesn’t align with our beliefs.

We draw lines, and we just think that we can’t be friends with a person.

Yeah, well, let me tell you, and I’m just going to win friends and influence people, that is the way to cause division. Being close-minded and only wanting to be around “the right people” that you approve of creates segmentation and closes doors.

Why do that yourself? Instead, try to embrace the idea that you don’t have to be right. You just got to be open to different ideas, and who knows, you might actually like that person.

Now, some people can’t be reasoned with, and they will shut you off, but you know what? You don’t need that kind of nonsense in your life anyway.

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14. Thrive By Not Comparing Yourself

Another struggle that is so hard to beat. It is so easy to look around and see all the people going ahead of you. You look around and you think, “well, heck, I’m still here.”

Someone always has something you won’t have. Maybe it’s that person who has everything in order, or has gone to a place that you’ve always wanted to go, or seems to have everything…

Don’t fall into that trap. You aren’t competing against anybody – even though you feel like it. Silence that sound, right now, because nobody has a perfect life. Those people who you think have a perfect life… don’t have a perfect life. They also want something, and they are also comparing themselves to someone…heck, maybe they are comparing themselves to you!


These 13 truths are intended to help you thrive. Embrace the beauty and everything surrounding you. Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey of self-discovery.

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